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Give! and Get Involved

Change lives, every day...on two continents.

Step by Step.


Decide you can help! The first step always is to decide you can make a difference — and we believe every person can indeed make a difference.


Read a success story, watch the rehearsal, share with your friends … so simple, so helpful!

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Give a donation! Even a little goes a long, long way. DONATE NOW

$7 puts a life-saving mosquito net over a child’s bed at night.

$12 buys seeds for a family in our empowerment program to start their own home garden.

$28 purchases new school shoes and protective footwear (socks or stockings and bathroom slippers) for a child.

$50 gives a medicine kit to a woman in our empowerment program and her children.

$82 sponsors a child’s school, food and shelter for one month at boarding school.

$140 pays for an educational field trip for our P7 (6th grade) class of primary school children.

$250 provides industrial training, accommodations, food and transport for a vocational student.

Give time! Volunteer to help the tour. CONTACT US

We need volunteers to help before and after performances at some of our venues during our Tour of Light tour. If you are interested in volunteering, please check our tour schedule here and email info@childrenofuganda.org or call our office at 800.531.9612.

Sign up to help greet guests as they arrive at the show.

Sign up to help with CD and t-shirt sales at your town’s show.

Help fundraise! You can help the tour succeed. SHARE OUR DONATIONS PAGE

Ask your friends to join you in helping this amazing tour succeed!

Create a Facebook or Evite event and invite your friends to the tour.

Spread the word that the tour is coming to your town and get a group of friend to come with you.

Co-sponsor or sponsor a child! Become one of the family! LEARN MORE

For only $42 / month, you can co-sponsor a child and change lives on two continents. Your gift helps provide tuition, a uniform, school meals and access to basic medical care. We find that pairing our students with two sponsors increases financial stability for the child, as well as for the organization as a whole.

There are many more sponsor levels. Find the level that works best for you on our Sponsor a Child page.

What’s it like to sponsor a child?