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Family Empowerment Program 

Microfinance Freedom, Feel the Hope.

View the transformations.

We help Ugandan women pool resources, create microfinance programs, and support each other's business. When you give, you help these women break the cycle of poverty, change an entire family's economic status, and create stability in once-devastated communities.

A total of 65 people have been helped so far by our Family Empowerment Program, including 16 women caretakers and their children. These women have been able to grow small businesses in the following industries: grocery, food vending, agriculture (tomatoes, maize and soybeans), mushroom growing, retail shops, a piggery project and a charcoal and firewood business. After 3-5 years, the women should be able to independently and adequately provide for themselves and their families.

Our locally-created program empowers women by training them in valuable skills, giving them counseling and psychosocial support, as well as guiding essential income generating projects. The participants — all women who have one Children of Uganda sponsored child — were carefully selected based on their vulnerability, health condition, age and the number of orphaned children in their care.

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Women see how working together means greater success.

In July 2016, Children of Uganda continued the success of its Family Empowerment Program by setting up three more VSLA groups in Kampala and Mukono districts. The groups are: Blessed VSLA in Kampala district, Baagalana (meaning love for one another) VSLA and Tusuubira (meaning hope) VSLA, in Mukono district. While none of these groups have started income generating projects yet, the members are happy and proud that they are putting regular savings aside and it’s because of the VSLAs. The mindsets of the members have changed greatly since the groups began. Now they even plan to develop as a collaborative team because it’s easier and cheaper.

I did not sell sugar and maize flour before, and I’d miss some customers

I’m happy now that I’m able to stock sugar as well as maize, among other products..


Big results from our small Village Savings & Loan Associations.

Many parents and guardians in the rural communities of Uganda are financially unstable. This instability results not only from lack of resources, but also from a lack of experience of how to work with others in the community to improve everyone’s lives. In 2014 Children of Uganda developed a strategy to bridge both gaps. We began to provide training for our sponsored children’s guardians / parents — as well as other women and men in their communities — to show them how to work together by saving, loaning out and making effective use of their money. The developed strategy included setting up Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs). We’re seeing so much success in so short a time.

Many women have been able to educate their children

through the projects they were able to start thanks to the VSLA group.